Dirty Little Secret Of Equipment Leasing – Part Three

To add to this subject and mention new information, a law suit was filed recently by the Attorney General of New York.  Read more on the link provide below. The company involved is Northern Leasing Systems.  This is just one company involved in this “leasing” industry.  In the complaint it mentioned deceptive sales practices, which I have heard about from business owners.  In additional it states, “Northern Leasing’s lease terms are onerous and totally one-sided in favor of the company.  The credit card equipment leased to consumers by Northern Leasing is valued at only a few hundred dollars (at most) when new, yet over the course of a Northern Leasing lease consumers pay thousands of dollars for the equipment.” This echoes info in my previous post where I mentioned the cost.  Again, do not lease your credit card terminals or equipment.  It is just not a good business decision.



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