Are You Being Charged Junk Fees?

Just like in your business you want and need to make a profit to pay overhead and expenses. This is true in the credit card processing business for the company that is providing the service.  With interchange plus pricing you will see the mark up because of the transparency.  This is what we promote and suggest that any business that is looking for credit card processing insist on. Some companies will give a low ball “show” rate only to make it up somewhere else. Hence the reason why you might see “junk fees”.There can be that line that is crossed when too much is too much.  Sometime it is just plan sneaky. One of the worst offenders that I have seen recently is the attached statement.

Editors Note: Since posting this, there has been more of this I have come across.  Here are links to two more post on this subject that you might want to read:

Let us help you and we will eliminate the junk fees. If you have questions about this subject or other concerns related to Point of Sales Systems or credit card processing, contact us anytime via email or call us at 904-567-8612


Junk Fees

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