Cash Discount

“I’ve been using PayLo for the last 4 months and I’m saving about 80% on credit card fees.”– Angel Yankas, Owner Angel Cleaners
The only patented and legally vetted technology to meet credit card regulations in all 50 states.
No setup-fees or hidden costs. PayLo pricing and fees are fully transparent to merchants and customers
Hassle-free payment processing. Fast to set up with durable plug-and-play equipment.
Wireless terminals available for mobile payments. No pin pad required.
Available for all credit card types, ApplePay & AndroidPay with EMV chip card reader included.
“PayLo has been great for me. On average, my tabs run between $20-$25 and I have very few customers ask about the .79 service charge, and when they do I just compare it to an atm service fee – they seem to understand the concept. The equipment has been really durable, holding up during fast-paced peak times.”– Mike Brewer, Owner of The House Bar