Best Practices – Never Ask For Credit Card Numbers To Be Emailed

As a buiness that accepts credit cards, never ask for a credit card number to be emailed. If you provide a form for a customer to complete, you should state very clearly that full credit card numbers and expiration dates should never be emailed on the form. Also this applies to this same info left on voice mail. This is for the security of ... More

More Customer Feed Back

New Customer Feed Back, "Ray, it went really really well. It was easier than anybody thought and it went faster than we could believe. Thanks so much for your help." This a mobile business and they needed help as the current system wasn't working well and they had little customer support. We solve problems! Give us a call with your ... More

First Data Stats Reveal Hurricane-Induced Whipsawing of Consumer Spending

You might find this of interest: News First Data Stats Reveal Hurricane-Induced Whipsawing of Consumer Spending September 14, 2017 By Jim Daly @DTPaymentNews One advantage in providing merchant-acquiring services to 3.6 million U.S. locations is that First Data Corp. has a unique read on how major disasters such as hurricanes affect ... More

Reasons Why You Should Not Use Your Bank for Credit Card Processing

Five Reasons Why You Should Not Use Your Bank for Credit Card Processing Although it may seem appropriate to seek services from the bank where you have your business account, this would not be true for your credit card processing. For example, a company that is a loyal customer to a bank may receive better terms on a bank loan when they ... More

Stand Alone Credit Card Terminals & It’s Communication

Many years ago before the internet, the old “ma bell” phones and the phone lines operated on sending/reading pulses.  With the advent of the internet a new system has come to the market called voice over internet or VOIP.  Today most if not all phone system uses VOIP or Digital Phone lines. If not in your office / business, but at the ... More

E-commerce Websites & Card Testing By Fraudsters – Up By 200%

If your business has a website that takes credit cards, beware of a fraud that is increasing. Non-profit businesses are more at risk because the obstacles to prevent the fraud are normally not used. The fraudsters’ uses e-commerce websites to test stolen credit card numbers to see which ones are still good. This type of fraud is up 200% ... More

Economic Recycling

We receive the News Leader and we always enjoy reading “Keffer's Corner”.  A recent edition (News Leader April 14th Keffer's Corner) struck a chord with me, because I have recently been addressing this same subject.  I must admit Mr. Keffer does a better job with this subject.  While he is addressing more on a retail side and we are ... More

Another Example Of A Junk Fee

Another example of a junk fee that you may be charged on your credit card processing account.  Read your statements.  Let us help you and we will eliminate the junk fees.   If you have questions about this subject or other concerns related to Point of Sales Systems or credit card processing, contact us anytime via email info@fi... More

Fall 2016 Interchange Update – An Excuse To Charge You More

Typically twice a year Visa & MasterCard will make changes to some of the interchange fee schedule.  Most years it only will effect a very few categories. If you are not with the right credit card service provider, they will use it as an excuse to adjust your rates and fees higher. They will say Visa or MasterCard went up so we need to ... More

Understanding The Differnce Between Surcharging And Convenience Fee

CONVENIENCE FEES A convenience fee is associated with an "added value" that the cardholder receives in connection with a non-face-to-face card purchase in the form of an alternate payment channel outside of the merchant's customary payment channels. For instance, a movie theatre is permitted to charge a convenience fee to cardholders that ... More