MasterCard Leads The Way With Negative Opt Out / Continuity Merchant Billings

Free trials which roll into a permanent billing are being regulated HEAVILY by MasterCard "For each payment thereafter, the merchant will have to send a receipt to the cardholder for each transaction by email or text message with clear instructions on how to cancel the service if the consumer so desires." This is really great for ... More

How Long Before We Become A Cashless Society?

Based on where we are now, it is not hard to see we are almost there.  Not so fast! This month (Feb 2019) New Jersey’s legislature passed a bill requiring merchants to accept cash at the point of sale. Several big cities, including New York, are considering similar measures. The Philadelphia City Council on Thursday (2/14/19) passed an ... More

Good Service

Is Good Service A Thing Of The Past? Not With Us – Find Out Why

When you need help and you call a service provider, only to get an automated system. Don't you hate that! The machine is asking you what are you calling about and doing its doing its best to “pigeon hole” the reason for your call? If you by chance choose the wrong option, you will not get a real live person. It will spit out some general ... More


Are you looking for a way to still accept credit cards, but not having to deal with the large monthly expense? Now you can thru a legally vetted cash discount program. Unlike surcharging, cash discounted program is allowed in all 50 states and is compliant with all federal laws and card processing regulations. It can be applies to all card ... More

Spring 2018 Interchange Update

Just as sure as spring weather and flowers are blooming, it's time you may be “hosed” by your credit card processing service provider.  This is because it is the time of year the card brands release and adjust the interchange fee schedule. When this happens, many of the credit card processing companies will use this as an excuse to ... More

Why Restaurants Are The New Target For Fraudsters

In the aftermath of the EMV liability shift, the major trend in payment security has been the migration of fraud from card-present situations to the online world. EMV technology has been very effective at fighting card-present fraud, and as a result nearly every store that has adopted EMV has seen plummets in fraud. As overall EMV adoption ... More

Best Practices – Never Ask For Credit Card Numbers To Be Emailed

As a buiness that accepts credit cards, never ask for a credit card number to be emailed. If you provide a form for a customer to complete, you should state very clearly that full credit card numbers and expiration dates should never be emailed on the form. Also this applies to this same info left on voice mail. This is for the security of ... More

More Customer Feed Back

New Customer Feed Back, "Ray, it went really really well. It was easier than anybody thought and it went faster than we could believe. Thanks so much for your help." This a mobile business and they needed help as the current system wasn't working well and they had little customer support. We solve problems! Give us a call with your ... More

First Data Stats Reveal Hurricane-Induced Whipsawing of Consumer Spending

You might find this of interest: News First Data Stats Reveal Hurricane-Induced Whipsawing of Consumer Spending September 14, 2017 By Jim Daly @DTPaymentNews One advantage in providing merchant-acquiring services to 3.6 million U.S. locations is that First Data Corp. has a unique read on how major disasters such as hurricanes affect ... More

Reasons Why You Should Not Use Your Bank for Credit Card Processing

Five Reasons Why You Should Not Use Your Bank for Credit Card Processing Although it may seem appropriate to seek services from the bank where you have your business account, this would not be true for your credit card processing. For example, a company that is a loyal customer to a bank may receive better terms on a bank loan when they ... More